Random updates

The last few nights have been filled with severe thunderstorms.  The lightning is so bright it’s like someone is standing in the room taking flash photography, and it takes a moment for your eyes to readjust.  We have an attic, but the pounding rain echoed through our apartment.  I love it!  But, the result was loss of internet in our apartment.  So, right now I’m at the internet cafe trying to get everything done as quickly as possible!

Our building is in the midst of reconstruction and repair.  The downstairs neighbor had some kind of patio space torn down and they are now rebuilding – with much clanking and banging and yelling.  At the same time, our water cistern in the attic somehow broke and flooded.  Luckily, the flood bypassed our apartment, but, unfortunately, it did not bypass our downstairs neighbor who was upset that water was pouring into her kitchen.  Our landlord is in Poland on work, but his wife has come by several times trying to figure out exactly what is wrong and what to do  about it.  Until it’ s fixed, we only have water for 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours at noon, and 2 hours in the evening.  We are storing up water old coca-cola bottles…a true Ukrainian experience…limited water availability!

Yesterday, the 20th of May, was our 8th Anniversary!  We spent the day by shopping at the market, buying train tickets, walking a looong way for pizza, and then studying Ukrainian; then topped it off with sloppy joes and a visit from our landlady about the water cistern.  Nothing spectacular – but that will come later this week when, thanks to our government, we will be taking a trip to Kiev.  The journey is twofold – to get my Chinese visa and to celebrate our anniversary.   Our 17 hour overnight train ride begins on Saturday afternoon and we will return home next Friday morning. We will be sleeping on top bunks and sharing a room with strangers – hopefully, they will not snore or smoke..but, likely they’ll do both!

I can’t believe it’s been eight years!  Wow, the Lord sure has brought us through many different adventures!  But, he’s been good to us all along the way.