deeply heartbroken

Every day, I still read up on local news from the Dallas Morning News.  I read an article a few moments ago that has deeply broken my heart.  Click on the following link to read the article:

Dallas man accused in accused in death of 2 month old daughter

I’ve read stories like these before, and they all sadden me; but this one is different.

Erica, the mother of the baby, was one of my very first students when I was teaching.  She was what I considered a dream student – always engaged in class, always smiling, always prepared.  I even had to force her on to the next class period because she would stay behind just to talk to me.

I saw her earlier this year.  I don’t exactly know Erica’s situation, but the last time I talked with her she was pregnant and attending an alternative school.  She had gotten into some trouble, faced some hard times, and gotten pregnant.  Yet, she was still smiling, still hard-working, and still prepared to work at success for herself and her child.

I can’t imagine what this tragic event has done to her.  Please pray for Erica.