To Hungary or Bust

Lori needed to go into Hungary to wire some money to the States, stopping at Tesco and McDonalds as well. Tesco is much like walmart – low pr lefices, lots of selection – more options that what we have in Ukraine. McDonalds because it’s just fast and a small taste of America.

I tagged along with her – as the idea of eating something other than potatoes, carrots, and onions sounded well worth the 2 hour drive. I don’t really like McDonalds, but I have not eaten beef in over a month, so a hamburger was sounding pretty good. Overall, though, I really just wanted the chance to hang out with a good friend.

The Ukrainian/Hungarian border was a breeze to get through. No hassles. The weather was nice, despite a little bit of rain. And, overall, it was a pleasant drive. We talked about life in Ukraine, life in the States, and God in our lives.

t the day feeling refreshed and spiritually encouraged.

After about 2 hours of driving, we came to destination in Hungary (I can’t remember the name – probably couldnt’ spell it anyways). As we drove past Tesco, our stomachs twisted – there were NO cars in the parking lot!! What? Looking around we noticed that ALL business were closed. It was a holiday – part of their Easter celebrations. So – No bank, no Tesco. But…you can always count on McDonalds…

After a messy big mac, hot, salty french fries, and a coca-cola, we spent a little time walking around the square and then headed back home. Although we weren’t able to accomplish the goals we set out for, I still returned home feeling refreshed and spiritually & emotionally encouraged.

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