The Valley of Narcissi

Every year, for only about 3 weeks, wild Narcissi flowers bloom outside a small town in Western Ukraine. Thousands of people from Ukraine and surrounding countries make the journey to “The Valley of Narcissi” to take in this beautiful site. Some of the interesting things about this Valley and the flowers:

  • the valley is the biggest habitat of the narrow-leaved narcissus and is situated only at two hundred meters above the sea level, which makes it the lowest known place where such narcissi grow. Mostly, this species of narcissus — out of 30,000 known species — grows very high in the mountains
  • Narcissi gets its name from the Greek mythology of Narcissus (short version: the beautiful man who, when seeing his reflection in the water, fell in love with himself. He could not get himself to leave his reflection, so he stayed on the river’s edge until he died there. His body then transformed into the Narcissus).
  • In the medieval times, narcissi were used in making love potions; its fragrance was believed to inspire love of beauty and bring peace of heart.
  • It has been written about in poetry, and is today celebrated with its own festivals in many countries throughout the world.
  • They are in the same family as the daffodil

If you want to read the detailed history and facts about this valley and the flower, you can click HERE (which is where I got my information).

Josh and I were among hundreds of people that visited the Valley on Sunday. Friends invited us along, and since we really haven’t had the chance to venture out, we jumped on the chance. The hour drive was enjoyable, almost more than the actual valley – as we drove over lush green mountains, past shimmering lakes, and through quaint villages. We realized we were getting close to the valley when we hit a traffic jam (one day I will have to write a post only about the driving here!). After parking on a cow pasture (see picture below) and walking through a labrynth of cars and people, we made our way to the entrance and then on to another long walk to the fields of flowers. There’s only so much you can do in a valley of wild flowers, so after about an hour of walking around and taking lots of pretty pictures, we headed on out. On our drive home, we decided to stop for a relaxing picnic by a river. the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Friends Natasha and Ivan