English Camp

Next August, one of our outreach ministries in China will be 4 days hosting and leading an English Camp.  Josh has had several meetings this week with the Principals and administrators of a couple of schools that will be participating in these camps.  We have found that in all the countries we’ve been to, administrators quickly welcome missionaries into their schools, seeing it as an incredible opportunity for their students to practice their English language skills and to learn about another culture.

Someone asked me today, “what exactly is an English Camp?”

Basically, it’s 3 -4 days of thorough English language lessons and conversational activities.    On a typical day you would see:

  • Students and missionaries intermingling in conversation, building friendships
  • A missionary gives a speech or presentation about an American Holiday, Custom, cities, etc.
  • Games and activities that teach vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar.
  • One-on-one question/answer sessions between the students and missionaries.

Even though the focus is the English language, it is also an incredibly effective avenue to speak about our faith in God and our relationship with our Savior.  For example:

While in the Czech Republic, we were invited to the local high school’s English class.  After a short presentation on Thanksgiving, we sat down one-on-one with the students to let them practice conversation.  As I talked with a 16-year old girl about our families, I was praying that God would open up a chance to talk about God.  I noticed that she was wearing a cross necklace, so I told her I liked her necklace and asked if it had a special meaning for her.  Viola!  The door flew right open…she explained that it didn’t, she bought it because she thought it was pretty; a mere fashion statement.  I proceeded to explain that it had special meaning for me.  She asked why.  I told her about Jesus’ crucifixion and shared the entire Gospel message.  She continued to ask questions about my faith.  That night at a special presentation of the Jesus movie, she gave her life to the Lord.

God can move in any circumstance…even in an English lesson.