Leave Me Out!

Fanatic Christians who set afire abortion clinics and murder their doctors all in the name of Christian values.

Please don’t associate me with them.

Anti-government militia groups who bomb government buildings, calling for more freedom based on our Christian founders.

Please don’t lump me into that same category.

Southern Conservative Christians who drag black boys down dusty, backwood roads.

Please don’t include me in their antics.

Each of these groups call themselves “Christian”.  Often, they carry out their heinous acts in the name of God and “Christian” principles.  They’ll even quote scripture to support their causes.

I, too, call myself a Christian and use scripture to guide my life.  But, it does not mean that I am part of the extreme groups listed above.  I may be pro-life, but I do not condone violence or hate of any kind.  I am not racist or bigoted.  And, although I do not always agree with the decisions of our governmental leaders, I do believe that we are to support (and pray for) those whom God has allowed to be in power.

When it comes to the groups above, I want NO association with them at all.  But, there are many non-Christians who automatically include me with those groups based on the word “Christian”.

Generalizing – to infer or form a general principle, opinion, conclusion, etc. from only a few facts, examples, or the like.

No one likes to have preconceived notions of beliefs, ideologies, motives, or behaviors pushed upon them. Yet, “Christians”, who are commanded by Christ to unconditionally love our ‘enemies’ and not to judge unfairly, continue to generalize and spread bigoted trash across Facebook and email forwards.

Generalizations that say ALL Muslims are Islamic terrorists, and therefore should not have religious freedom, even though they may be American citizens and should enjoy the same freedoms you and I have.

Generalizations that say say our President belongs in that same Islamic terrorist category.

Generalizations that all homosexual people prey upon our young boys.

Anti-Muslim.  Anti-Obama.  Pro-America.  Pro-tough-love.

Call it what you want…I call it judgmental, bigoted, hateful, unintelligent, uninformed, and disgusting.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. dsartain18
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 15:09:37

    Not sure what spawned this, but you’re dead on.


  2. jerrywheeler
    Aug 20, 2010 @ 17:17:39

    exactly right on. Christians who advocate by words or actions bad things in the name of Christianity need to re-evalulate their teachings. ie: kill a doctor because he killed a baby. As horrible as birth control via abortion is, killing the doctor falls into the same category.


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