You’ve heard of Mayberry…

Now you’re going to hear about Ganthier, the complete opposite of Mayberry.  In fact, if you can’t pronounce “Ganthier” just call it “Mayhem”.

It’s important to understand that not every ministry experience that a missionary participates in is all fun and games (just ask any full-time missionary…they’ve got all kinds of horror stories).  We don’t always leave an outreach site with smiles and positive, life-changing thoughts.  Some days can be downright frustrating, exhausting, and a temptation to pack up early and get the heck out of dodge.  Today was one of those type of days for me and most of our team.

The townspeople of Ganthier greeted us with outstretched arms as we parked the bus.  We still had a small 5 – 10 minute trek to the wood and tin church where we would set up our last clinic.  Several women and children helped carry our boxes and supplies, while the rest of the crowd gathered around and paraded down the road alongside us.

As the word spread of our arrival, the space in front of the church became packed with people wanting to visit the nurses.  As the lines grew, so did impatience, greed, and tempers.  Women flung small children around by their shirt collars, boys shoved each other around, and grown men screamed at anyone nearby.  Anytime any of us walked out of the church with some kind of equipment or supply in our hand (for example, gloves we used as balloons or the papers we used to take names for the clinic), we would be swarmed and pushed in upon.  Out of all the places we’ve been this week, these people were the most aggressive.  The worst was when the pastor of the church and some other men took tree branches and started beating the kids.  One man even took off his leather belt to whip small children who pressed in to get in to see the nurses.

Along with the aggression, there was conniving, disrespect, and lying at a level we had not seen in the previous cities.  Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely instances on the previous days of people lying to get more stuff or trying to sneak (aka steal) things, but they were never disrespectful or mean, nor was it occurring on a large scale.  But today, these people were downright mean and ugly…purposely ignoring our directions, blatantly mocking us, and at one point, throwing rocks onto the church we were in.  One group of 4 – 6 teenage boys kept preying upon the women of our group, encircling them, and even tried to get one of us to follow them away from the area.  However, we’ve got some wise ladies who refused to heed the hoodlums requests and would go and stand by our men for protection.

In our group time tonight, I asked who thought today was frustrating…12 out of 13 of us raised our hands.  In all honesty, it’s very difficult to see the positive in today because we were surrounded by such unGodly behaviors.  But, we KNOW that God was still glorified.  Besides helping medically and nutritionally (we fed them), every member of our team remained focused on the goal – to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  This like-minded purpose enabled us to encourage each other through the difficult moments and kept us persevering, even when we wanted to give up.

As we looked upon the ugliness of the people around us, God taught us a few things:

  • We do not fight against earthly enemies, but there is a spiritual battle going on all the time.  Sometimes that battle is more difficult and more apparent than other times.  Today was definitely a great spiritual battle.
  • God showed us our own ugliness…in our reactions, in our thoughts, in our attitudes, in our motivations.  We all sin and fall short of God’s glory.  We just sin in different ways.  Sometimes, though, we are just like them…angry, greedy, manipulative…
  • God loves them just as much as he loves us.  He does not show favoritism, but his gifts of grace, mercy, and salvation are free to all people who call upon him.  Because of that love He has for all of us, we, too, must love all.  Even when they respond in hate.
  • Even when all we see is Chaos, God is still working.   We may never know the results of our actions today.  Perhaps the young boy who asked Jeff about Jesus will grow into a strong, loving Christian leader who will one day guide his neighbors into a deeper relationship with God.   I don’t know…but I do know that God was still glorified today.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth Kennickell
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 00:34:39

    Wow Lindsey! This must have been difficult – a real stretch. But I admire your mature perspective. Sometimes, the ugliness of life on this world comes to the foreground. It’s apparent especially in Haiti right now, where the desperation and deprivation squeeze out the worst of human nature. But if I were in their position, I doubt I would be exhibiting virtuous qualities. That is where the compassion and mercy of God are all we can lean on, as well as humble us to realize that we need it just as much as our offending brother/ sister.


  2. Christi Sollis
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 02:43:00

    Praying for a safe return tomorrow!! Can’t wait to hear from y’all. Hi Little Brother Stephen and Laura.

    Love y’all,


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