Ready to get off this ride

Earlier this week I joined weight watchers online.  They have a blog feature where you can share your weight-loss journey with other members…and since I can’t resist the opportunity to share my life, I started a weight watcher’s blog, which I’m calling “Off the Couch”.  Below is my first post (titled “Ready to get off this ride”)…and, yes, unbelievably, I am sharing my weight with the world…just don’t remind me of it the next time we talk!


My weight journey has been one long rollercoaster ride…and I’m ready to unbuckle my safety belt and get off the ride!

My weight isn’t really what’s taken me through the ups and downs.  For the last ten years or so, I’ve maintained around 160lbs, except for the short, wonderful time I got down to a fit 145.  But that glorious moment was short lived and I quickly jumped back up to my normal 160.  The reason…my rollercoaster ride called “Fad Diets”.

I admit it…i want quick fixes. However, after many years of emotional highs & lows that resulted from these fad diets, I’m learning that being healthy and reaching my goal weight will only come through a lifestyle change of daily discipline and good choices.  I no longer want a quick solution, because those usually only lead to quick setbacks…which leads to another fad diet, which leads to another setback…and the ride keeps zooming along until I’m left feeling dizzy, nauseous, tired, and unmotivated.

So, the rollercoaster ride ends NOW.  Forget the quick fixes; I’m starting a new experience…let’s call this ride “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”.


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