For This I Have Jesus – part 1

In an evangelistic meeting in Ireland, the speaker was explaining what it means to abide in Christ and to trust Him completely in every trial.  Concluding his message, he repeated several times, “It means that in every circumstance you can keep on saying, ‘For this I have Jesus.’ ”

The meeting was then opened for testimonies.  One young woman said, “Just a few minutes ago I was handed this telegram.  It reads, ‘Mother is very ill; take train home immediately.’ When I saw these words, I knew that tonight’s message was meant just for me.  My heart looked up and said, ‘For this I have Jesus.’ Instantly a peace and strength flooded my soul.”

Three or four weeks later the evangelist received a letter from this woman.  It read, “Thank you again for the message you gave that day.  Life has become an uninterrupted psalm on victory, for I have come to realize that no matter what life brings, for this I have Jesus.”

That believer in Christ had found in her Savior the One who would be with her “through fire and through water,” and who would bring her “out to rich fulfillment” (Ps. 66:12).

If you are enduring a great trial of affliction, remember – for this you have Jesus!

I’ve found a refuge from life’s care in Jesus,

I am hiding in His love divine;

He fully understands my soul’s deep longing,

And He whispers softly, “Thou art Mine.”


*today’s post taken from Our Daily Bread, April 6, Henry G. Bosch


A little over 2 years ago I spoke at a woman’s group at my mother-in-law’s church.  The topic:  my husband and I’s full time mission work in Ukraine.  At the time, we were still preparing our big move to Ukraine and I was making rounds at different churches and groups, sharing our vision, and soliciting supporters.  The group of women blessed me greatly and rallied around with open hearts and fervent prayers.

Today, I returned to the same group of women to do a book review/reading.  About 10 months ago,  when I was asked to do the book review, I hesitated…I did not want to face these women.  Shame, feelings of failure, and embarrassment still plagued me, even though I’d already been home  from Ukraine for about a year.  However, it was those same lowly feelings that urged me to say “yes”…i guess i thought that by agreeing to do the speech, I wouldn’t be disappointing them again.

I would love to say that I’m completely at peace about returning from Ukraine; that I’ve found the reason we’ve returned or discovered the purpose that we ever went in the first place.  I would LOVE to say that…and sometimes I do.  I’ve rationalized it to the point that I actually believe that I understand the divine purposes in our going and returning.  I KNOW all the Bible verses about purpose and trusting God.  And I thought that those verses moved from my head to my heart….but today, when asked (in front of the entire group), “Didn’t you go to Ukraine?” My stomach dropped and I had to hold in tears.

I responded with a simple “yes” and a polite smile.  But inside I was screaming, “PLEASE, NO MORE QUESTIONS!”

I’m tired of talking about it.  I’m tired of having to try and explain the situation, especially when I don’t fully understand it myself.  I’m still ashamed.  I’m still embarrassed.  I’m still deeply hurt. I still don’t understand.

But, because I do know the scriptures and have faith that God follows through on his promises, I hold on to them…no, I don’t hold onto them; I CLING to them like a scared child clings to his mother.  I know God has a purpose in my life – & that purpose is to SERVE HIM no matter where I live or what I’m doing as a career. I know everything’s going to be okay…in fact, my life is abundant with blessings.

But I’m still hurting.

My soul is in anguish.
How long, O LORD, how long?

~Psalm 6:3

The B/S Chronicles: Coffee

We grew up together; now we blog together. In the B/S Chronicles you’ll get to experience viewpoints from a brother/sister team…who may or may not always see things eye-to-eye.

The B/S Chronicles: Coffee

Robust flavors. Energizing aromas. Revitalizing caffeine kicks. – Coffee stimulates all the senses, resulting in a euphoric state of bliss.

For most of my life I avoided coffee, finding it bitter with a lingering aftertaste that left my breath tasting and smelling like a bag of rotting potatoes.  Occasionally I chose to subject myself to the torture all for the sake of friends because it wasn’t about the coffee…it was about the conversations and friendship.

I didn’t really start drinking coffee regularly until I lived in Ukraine.  As I started to make friends I realized a recurring pattern…they all wanted to meet over coffee.  Small, standing-room-only coffeeshops could be found on practically every corner, and they were always packed with people. Often, my new friends would call and explain that they had 30 minutes of free time between jobs or before their bus would arrive; would I like to meet at the corner coffee shop?

30 minutes to spare…and they wanted that time with a friend.  I often think about those moments, how special they were to me.

I miss them.

Although in America we’d rather spend 30 minutes of free time alone or at home, and seem to plan out our coffeeshop gatherings in advance, we still get to enjoy the results of sipping a hot cup of joe with a friend…and, if that’s what it takes to grow a friendship…then I’ll take mine in Venti size with extra whip cream!


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