Busy Bee

It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about? 

~Henry David Thoreau

I’ve been so extremely busy lately, I’ve hardly had time to really rest, much less time to blog.

So, to answer Mr. Thoreau’s question, What are we busy about?

  • Seminary.  It’s kicking my butt.  (yes, I know.  I’m only part time…I can’t imagine how those, like my brother, can work 40 hours AND take a full load!)  I started out the semester very well (as I always do).  But then the Prof gave us procrastinators a reason to procrastinate even more…all assignments will have a one week grace period before being marked late.   Since then, I’ve used that grace period for every assignment.  I feel constantly behind.
  • Church.  I really am doing a full-time ministry job as a volunteer.  My position is “Director of Outreach and Missions” and we are a highly outreach-oriented church.  It seems there is something almost every week.  And, add all the other events that do not fall under “outreach” and I practically live at church functions.  Also add the fact that I’m organizing / facilitating the mission trip to Haiti and all the fundraising/preparation meetings/administration responsibilities.   I’m exhausted.  I keep repeating the adage that Prof. Bailey often repeated… “Weary IN the work, not OF the work”.  
  • Home Life.  We’re moving AGAIN.  we’ve been married 10 years, and we’ve averaged 1 move every year.  The current house we’re in is a lease and the owners want to sell.  Josh and I aren’t ready to be homeowners again, so we’re moving out.  Our lease isn’t up until April 10, but we’ve decided to move out early for a couple of reasons…  But, at the last minute.  Last weekend, Josh decided he wanted to move out THIS COMING SATURDAY!  We had not even started packing!  Can you say “frazzled”?  That’s how I feel.
  • Everything Else that comes along that takes time…grocery shopping, laundry (which I still haven’t done in two weeks).  Oh yeah…a 40 hour work week.  Dr. appointments.  Much needed Date nights with Josh. etcetera. etcetera. etcetera. 

A TRUE Sabbath Day would be nice!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. anonymous
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 15:16:41

    your brother is awesome


    • lmparks
      Mar 03, 2010 @ 17:15:21

      Yes. Yes he is. He’s served two tours (one in Iraq, one in Afghanistan) and he’s a brave Atlanta Policeman. I’m glad you recognize him as awesome too!


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