First procedure DONE

On Monday, after about 6 hours at the doctor’s office, our first fertility procedure was completed.  The procedure was actually a minor surgery, so Josh and I are both at home this week for recovery, getting much needed rest, as well as lots of time to take care of things that need to get done (like laundry & homework).

As for the results of the procedure, the doctor said that the surgery went well and all looks good.  But the actual effectiveness cannot be determined for many months (usually 9).  We’ll continue to return for testing every 3 months or so to watch for progress.  Until then, there’s no more steps we can take.  If, in 9 months, the doc says the surgery worked, then we’ll move on with more fertility treatments; if the surgery did not work, then there will be no need to move forward except in adopting a child.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and words of encouragement.


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