Here I go again

As many people do at the beginning of each year, i’ve set New Year’s resolutions goals.  One of them you’re looking at…this blog.  It has been neglected for quite a while; but it’s time to jump back on the writing treadmill, get my mind in shape and sweat out all the thoughts that swish around in my brain.

One of the biggest reasons for not writing is that I had lost my focus/purpose of the blog.  I originally started this site as a way to share my mission experience (which you can still read by going back into the archives).    When Josh and I came back from Ukraine, I found it difficult to write because 1) I felt my life was now boring and uneventful, especially compared to all my experiences as a missionary and 2) the amount of suffering that I felt upon my return to Texas was too much to bear.  Writing on this blog, a blog meant for mission stories, did nothing but remind me of my “failures”.  My entries lost their flavor and my motivation disappeared.

But I’m back…with a changed heart, renewed motivation, and different goals.

As for the blog, my goal is to share my life journey … the good and the bad…all from the perspective as a woman trying to serve the Lord.  Every situation I encounter is from God; a chance to experience Him more or to learn wisdom from Him. God is still working in me; I’ve yet to figure it all out, but I do believe that God continually stretches, encourages, teaches, and disciplines me every day.  By writing my stories, it forces me to really take a step back, think through my encounters, and try to see what exactly it is that God is doing.  And, I hope, that somewhere along the way, my stories can encourage and challenge others in their own relationship with Christ.

So, get ready…Journey 2010 has begun.


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