Reach Out Day 4 & 5

Day 4:  Practical Acts of Kindness. Currently, A popular trend in evangelism is to go out and do practical acts of kindness…little (or sometimes big) actions that make people stop and think, why are you doing this? The acts of kindness range from washing people’s windsheilds while they gas up their car to holding a free car wash.   Pretty much, any act of kindness can be considered evangelism if the goal is to get people thinking about God and His love towards us.  This form of evangelism is mostly comfortable and easy for anyone to do.  It doesn’t take deep biblical knowledge or years of following Christ to tell someone that God loves them while handing them a bottle of water.

Thursday, we tried out our very first “Acts of Kindness” outreach.  We started by taking rolls of quarters to a local laundry mat.  The goal was to pay for people’s loads of laundry and talk with them while helping fold their clothes or carry baskets to their cars.  To our surprise, there were only  3 people at the usually busy laundry mat.  One guy flat out refused to let us help.  He wasn’t rude, just hesitant…but he watched us interact with the other two people we did get to help.  The woman I helped spoke no English, but love and kindness transcends all languages.  Between my broken Spanish and her broken English, we were able to carry on small chitchat.  Before she left, one of our guys spoke with her in Spanish and we were able to pray with her and her children!

Since the laundrymat had emptied and we were just standing around, we decided to head over to Wylie’s Music in The Park Night.  It’s a free concert.  My thinking was Free outdoor concert +  Public Park  = Hot & thirsty people.  Handing out free water and popsicles to the kids would be a great act of kindness.   We toted our couple hundred waters and popsicles over to the park only to see that another church had the same idea…except they had several huge bounce houses, free pizza, and free sodas.  By no means are we in competition with other churches; God’s Kingdom is God’s Kingdom no matter who presents the Truth, right?  Since the people attending that concert would be ministered to by the other church, we took our stuff to a different park…a park crowded with people! There were more people to talk to here than at the concert.  Making our way around the park, we explained who we were and what we were doing.  Many people initially gave us funny looks, and some even asked the question we wanted to hear “WHY?”  And happily we told them…“To simply show you God’s love in a practical way”

Day 5:  Servant Evangelism at The Friendship House.  If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ve heard me talk about The Friendship House (aka FH).  It’s a Christian organization in downtown Garland that provides food, clothing, furniture, household items, and some financial help for people in Rowlett, Sachse, and Garland.  I used to work for FH and still strongly support their work.  The Director and the volunteers that serve there deeply love the Lord and truly love and care for the people that come to receive help.  They never turn away anyone…even if someone comes who does not live in our area, they’ll still not let them walk out empty handed.  It’s truly a place where people’s physical and spiritual needs are met.  Friday, we spent several housing working at the Friendship House…the children and teens helped watch the children, the woman worked with the clothing and food, and the men did some appliance deliveries and helped in the food pantry.

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  1. Ted Blair
    Jul 25, 2009 @ 21:22:53

    Great Job – I look forward to hearing more about the week. Thank you for the engery, work and planning that went into such an active week. Jesus was lifted up and glorified!


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