If you can’t go out of the country…

I love overseas mission work. Every year I try to go to at least one other country to do some ministry.  This year, however, I’ve not been able to leave for various reasons.  Originally, I had planned a trip to Mexico for our church members, but, again, for various reasons, we had to cancel that trip.

So, I got to thinking that if I can’t go out of the country for a mission trip…I’ll bring the mission trip to my neighborhood.  This week starts our local mission trip – a weeklong series of ministry right here in our area.  Some days I’ve partnered with other organizations, while others I’ve just found stuff for our members to do.  I’m completely stressed out about it, but am having fun and know that God is behind this and is going to work great things all for His glory.

Today was our first outreach:  a neighborhood food drive.  Last Monday, myself and a few members of our church (Livingway Church) passed out flyers in the neighborhood asking for food donations.  This morning we returned to the same neighborhood to pick up the food that the residents donated.  The morning started out with pouring rain, but by the time we drove to the neighborhood, the rain had let up.  As we drove down the first street, we noticed that no one had any food on their porches.  My heart sank and a small panic started to rise…How are we going to deliver food to families if we have no food? But I continued to stand strong in my faith that God would provide exactly what we needed.

At the end of the first street, a large box, taped shut, sat on someone’s front porch.  Josh, my husband, thought that it was a delivered package and not for us, but we decided to check anyways…sure enough it was a huge box of food with our flyer taped to it.

By the end of the food drive, we had enough food to fill up 20 grocery bags – which we’ll give to 9  families (about 30 people)!  Tomorrow we will deliver the food to these families, talk & pray with them.

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  1. Kristin
    Jul 21, 2009 @ 11:18:17

    Glad things went well! However, I will admit that I think it sucks that I am not able to participate! I really wanted to go on Wednesday. I tried to get off work, but because I am on vacation all next week I couldn’t! We are definitely coming to the picnic thing on Friday, but of course we will be late. Anyway, I hope the rest of this weeks event go well also!

    God Bless, Kristin


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