an overdue update

Last time you heard from me I was at the beginning of a battle against an enemy that I knew little about. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read it HERE).  Many things have happened since then, and I can say that the battle has been much easier than anticipated.  I’m still not ready to publicly reveal  the issues, mainly because we still don’t know 100% what they are; however, the issues are manageable.  Turns out that this enemy is much more puny that I originally thought.

One of the biggest accomplishments came through a Fast (which you can read about HERE)  I’ve done fasts, including the Daniel fast, in previous years.  Each one was a true test of discipline…and I usually failed at them by “cheating” with a nibble of cookie or glass of tea.  This time, I stayed strong and focused.  Sweets and prohibited foods truly did not have any temptation on me!  After 10 days on the strict diet, I felt so clean and renewed…and felt God saying, “see, you CAN do it!”  Self-doubt has become replaced with confidence.  Not just in my eating habits, but in many areas.

Thanks for your prayers…they’ve worked!

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