To My Health

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” ~ Chinese Philosopher Lao-tzu

If you read my last post, then you know that I’m at the beginning of a personal war. I need to be completely ready for whatever comes my way: spiritually, mentally & physically. So, Today I’m starting a new journey to health. I’ve actually had many ‘first steps’ in becoming a healthier person; many of them lasted a short while, some lasted longer…all ended.

However, the goal is no longer to mirror the thin girls on the magazine covers. The number on that little white tag inside my jeans will not affect my moods anymore. I simply want only to be healthy – To not feel sick after eating. It’s time for me to allow my body to heal. Hopefully, it’s not too late to reverse the damage that has already been done.

I’m starting this journey with a Daniel Fast. I’ve done variations of this fast before, but this time I’m using a helpful site/blog dedicated only to the Daniel Fast. You can see a guideline at the website by clicking HERE.

And, of course, my main goal is to make this a true fast; not just altar my eating habits but to pray and seek God for guidance and healing.

Fasts are not always just personal journeys, they can be shared. If you think you might want to do the Daniel Fast with me, pray about it and let me know…we can swap recipes and encourage one another to be spiritually and physically healthy!


The Battle has Begun

Yesterday I confronted an enemy within myself.  This enemy has yet to be named, but its presence has been evident for many years.  Mostly he has lain dormant & then when I least expected it, he reared his ugly head and attacked.  His assaults have caused great pain and nuisance.  And I have come to fear him…I approach plans and actions based on whether I think this foe is going to appear.  I’ve canceled gatherings with friends, cut short engagements, and even denied myself certain things for fear that my enemy will attack and make things difficult or uncomfortable for myself and those around me. 

Even though I’ve seen this monster in my life and felt his wounds, I have done nothing.  I have endured and hoped that he would just give up and disappear;  That my small change of certain habits would force him to leave…but they have only prolonged the inevitable – an aggressive onslaught that causes major damage.   I have been unwise in my passivity. 

So yesterday I made my first advance against this enemy.  I am gathering an army against him and creating a strategy to oust him from my life.  I am ready to name him, find out from whence he came, and learn of his strategy.   I know that victory will not come without battles and wounds.  I am preparing myself for some tumultuous days; but I am clothing myself with Armor and mentally preparing for what is to come.  And, of course, I already have the victory because I have the Greatest General of All!