Tuesday Tributes

The more I become involved in local outreach and mission opportunities, the more I become acquainted with various ministries around the globe. Starting today, and every Tuesday from now on, I will introduce you to a ministry that I regularly follow. My goal is that you will begin to pray for these ministries, and perhaps find one (or more) that moves you to action – either by getting involved physically or financially. Most of the people behind these ministries work long, hard hours; some even put their own lives at risk. Let them encourage you as they’ve encouraged me.

Today’s Tuesday Tribute: HOOKERS FOR JESUS

The sex industry is booming in America. Pornography, strip joints, and prostitutes line our streets and entangle millions of people in its web. It’s a messy business where addictions and abuse abound. For many involved, it’s a trap they can’t escape.

For over 11 years, Annie Lobert worked as a prostitute and exotic dancer in Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Minnesota. What started out as an alluring lifestyle – parties, money, presents, fame – turned into a spinning web of drugs, abuse, and sex. On the outside, she lived glamorously and felt powerful, but inside she raged with shame, loneliness, and feelings of worthlessness. She longed for love…real love. And she found it in Jesus Christ. Annie tells her story in great detail on her website. You can read it by clicking HERE. She holds nothing back as she reveals her deepest struggles and the ugly truths of the sex industry.

Now, as a passionate Christian, Annie’s one desire is reaching out to women and men “who are currently associated with or working as prostitutes, porn stars, pimps, and exotic dancers in order to help them transition successfully out of the sex industry.” Her Las Vegas ministry, Hookers for Jesus, offers services and programs that are “mission driven and are designed to minister healing and restoration of individuals and families affected by sexual abuse and trauma linked to professional and consumer involvement in the sex industry.”

Hookers for Jesus guides prostitutes, pimps, dancers, and porn stars into a life of freedom, walking with them throughout the entire journey. The sex industry workers do not just hear the message of Christ and then are abandoned to figure out everything else on their own. Hookers for Jesus offers continual guidance and help, including “case management services, criminal justice support; juvenile offender mentorship; community awareness seminars and workshops; individual health and wellness programs; skills assessment, retraining, and career development assistance; and human services programming.” They also minister in prisons, on the streets, juvenile detention centers, and even adult entertainment conferences!

An exciting event currently taking place is the opening of a new home for women. This home will serve as a transitional house for women seeking a safe environment as they fight to leave the sex industry. The Destiny Center just opened its doors in October and will begin accepting residents this month!

There are many exciting things happening through Hookers for Jesus. God’s faithfullness has abounded as they find creative and effective outlets to minister to this virtually unreached group of people. Please go to their website www.HookersforJesus.net and spend time looking around. Pray for them. Get involved!

Thanks, Annie and Hookers for Jesus volunteers, for giving yourself over so selflessly to this ministry and for getting your hands dirty so that lives can be saved!


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  1. jaybrams
    Nov 19, 2008 @ 14:22:52

    like the new layout… really like the new feature. Looking forward to Tuesdays on your blog.


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