Hey, Hey, Hey…What’s goin’ on?

1.  Adapting to working from home has not been easy.  The complete freedom with my time originally started with lots of rest, which morphed into a lack of motivation and laziness.  Sinful, I know.  I finally got tired of feeling unproductive, so I forced myself to start some kind of schedule.  It’s not yet finalized or perfected but I’m on my way.  The office work with SOS starts at 1:00 pm each day, which leaves my mornings for volunteer work, time with friends, housechores, and, ahem, sleeping in late.  Mondays are devoted to working at the Church, Wednesdays are spent at the Friendship House ( a local ministry that offers food, clothing, furniture, and financial help to the people in our community), and Fridays will be devoted to another ministry I’ve yet to choose.  Things are starting to look up.

2.  Some new friends of mine are personal trainers and run their own fitness boot camp.  And, although I don’t understand why anyone would pay to be tortured with yells of “give me 20 more pushups”, I’ve always wanted to try it.  So, I signed myself up.  I just finished workout #3 and let me just say, I feel like I’ve been tossed around inside the barrel of a cement truck.  Woo hoo!  Of course, I need something to help soothe the burning in my body…and the ice cream works perfectly….

3.  I love sunsets.  The golden skies keep me going as I do those 20 pushups in East Texas country.

4.  One of my biggest dreams growing up was to be on broadway.  Last weekend after attending “The Color Purple” at Fair Park I saw a woman sitting at a picnic table outside by the stage entrance door.  I went over and began talking to her.  Turns out, she is one of the lead dancers and backup singers for the play.  As I sat there and talked with her, I realized that in order to fulfill her dream, she has to continually give up on other parts of her life.  She’s been touring for 16 months now with no break.  Come Christmas, she will return home to Harlem and to her husband, who she has not seen in all these months.  Looking on my life now, would I be willing to forsake family to pursue a life dream?  absolutely not.  Do I still dream?  yes…and I’m the #1 broadway star in my shower.


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