Spoiler Alert

It’s safe to say that the majority of people who read this blog enjoy Christian music and speakers.  For myself, Christian music is practically the only music to circulate through my radio.  These musicians become a source of inspiration and encouragement in our daily lives, not only through their songs, but also by their lives.

I know we all remember that “celebrity” musicians and speakers are only human; no greater than ourselves.  God has given us talents and giftings equal to these celebrities; yet we consider them above us because they have devoted their lives in allowing God to use their talents and giftings to a greater degree, reaching millions of people that we could never reach.  We often believe that their lives are righteous, because they sing of complete devotion and sacrifice. To see them devote time to a huge missions explosion, such as Bahamafest, we assume they minister with pure motivations.

Working behind the scenes of Bahamafest and Cruise with a Cause, I have seen a different side to many of these celebrities.  In the last 2 years of my involvement, I know stories that would make you cringe and your heart sink with disappointment.  People who preach servanthood and humility on stage demand superstardom treatment on the sidelines:  transportation only in luxury cars, specific foods and drinks that have to be imported in or monitored to the exact degree, room accommodations that cost more than many people’s one month salary, and outrageous stipends are common mandates – even on “mission” trips.

What happened to the servanthood attitude?  Where did humility go? and love?

If it was my choice, I would to tell them to kiss my fat butt and fly themselves back to their mansions and yachts…we don’t need their music or their sermons to reach the people of this nation.  Let’s find the ones who truly love God and his people, and are willing to give up their name brand waters in order to reach others with the Gospel message.  It’s time to stop playing Christian and start being real, completely devoted to God and his people.

Now, before I start getting all kinds of emails or comments, let me end by saying that not all of the artists and speakers are as I described above.  Many of them participate with truly pure hearts and love.  They are not seeking stature or fame…they only want God to be glorified.  A good example is Sonicflood. Last year, there were some setbacks that resulted in decreased school performance time.  Many artists were furious that weren’t given enough time to play all their music set or to promote their music.  Sonicflood, however, said no problem and just hung out with the kids, joyfully and full of love. We need more artists like them.


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  1. jaybrams
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 14:08:31

    we want names, sista!

    it is unfortunate because “celebrities” become the face of Christianity for many (but not most) of those outside the faith as well. The media doesn’t care when Lindsey Parks or Jeremy Wheeler screws up, but does care when Pastor X of Big X MegaChurch or Rockstar John fails to radiate what Christianity claims to be.

    The good news is we, the ‘common’ man, far outnumber ‘them’, the Christian celebrity. We have show what Christ’s love is all about and our influence, though not as evident in the media, will have much more of an impact.


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