My weekend

First of all, a correction…Just on this tiny island, there are over 4,000 churches!  You would believe it too if you were here;  There are churches on every block. 

The last few days have had their ups & downs. 

Saturday started with very early morning prayer at the site of the Bahamafest.  As I walked the track and prayed, the Lord reminded me of Joshua and Jericho.  When the walls fell, the enemies of the Lord were destroyed and the city rebuilt.  So many of us, definitely myself included, have spiritual walls that we’be built up – walls that hinder us from drawing closer to the Lord and hearing His voice.  It’s time that we break down those walls so that healing can begin, so that renewal can come in our lives. 

The rest of Saturday we took off to do some shopping and sightseeing.  Dow and Cindee had returned to the house earlier than the rest of us.  When we came into the door about an hour later, they were sitting on the couch with a local Bahamian.  There was bad news…

In the 4 hours we were gone, someone had broken into the house and robbed us.  Out of 4 laptops sitting in the living room, they only took 2.  Mine being one of them.  Everything else they took belonged only to Dow & Cindee:  their laptop, cell phones, camera, and $200 or so.  Compared to what they lost, my laptop was nothing. I really didn’t have anything in there that I needed; mainly Im upset that I’ve lost thousands of photos from places like China, Bahamas, Ukraine…things I can’t replace.  Luckily, I have some of those photos online, but not all of them.  But Dow and Cindee lost all their business documents as well as over 400 business contacts stored only in their phone.  However upsetting as it all is, we’re remembering that these things are just things. 

I’ve been praying for the person who stole these things.  It’s obvious that this person is desperate for cash, maybe to support a drug habit or maybe to support his family.  I don’t know the situation, but God does. 

On Sunday we attended an event that would never happen in the States.  The Prime Minister and many high Government officials attended a government event held  at a local church.  Separation of church and state does not exist here.   To kick off a Public Service Worker’s Appreciation Week, the church hosted the government event in which politics was mixed with Christian sermons.  It was cool to hear one of the Government officials pray for God to guide the leaders of this country and help them lead the people of this nation into God’s kingdom.

The land of the free is truly the Bahamas.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 19:11:59

    It’s amazing how hard it is to deal with the loss of stuff — especially pictures. This situation definitely has me convinced of the value of backing up EVERYTHING!!!! You never know when a computer will crash or when a phone will disappear. I’m going to have to get around to backing up Laura’s baby pictures ASAP. I would be crushed if those were lost.

    Praying for y’all. I’m so glad you’re having the huge blessing of seeing how government and the Church can coexist so well. Now, if anyone really frightening ever does get elected, I have somewhere to move to! haha! ;oP


  2. letlightshine
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 18:27:37

    The most important thing is that you guys were safe! The thief can never take your faith or belief either. God will always prevail! Miss you and be careful! See you soon.


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