Radio and Roads

The day started early, up and out by 7:45 (ok, early for me). Our first stop, a local easy-listening radio station where we were being interviewed about the Bahamafest. Nothing really exciting except that it was pretty cool to be interviewed on radio for 30 minutes. I get to do it again tomorrow and next week.

Later in the day we hit the streets to hand out thousands of flyers promoting the free concert. I have never been hit on by so many men in my life as I was today. I seriously lost count of the number of times I had the following conversation: (when reading trying to use a thick Caribbean accent)

Me: Free concert next Wednesday at Cliford Park.

The sweaty dirty men loaded on the back of a flatbed on the way home from work: Thanks, baby, Will you be there?

Me: of course.

The men two times my age: Then S*#! yeah, we’ll be there.

Me: okay.

The teenage boy walking home from school: I’ll be looking just for you.

Me (with a polite smile): okay.

The truck driver holding up traffic just to talk to me: For real, you will be there?

Me: I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The tiny car with guys stoned sensless, weed smoke billowing from the windows, and cup holders occupied with beer: Aw, baby, come on and get in the car. You don’t have to wait til Wednesday for free fun.

Me (with nervous laughter as I quickly walk away): oh boys, I’m married, but still come to the concert!

All the men above and then some (whistling and honking their horns): aw, baby, come back.

There was one man who I had quite the opposite effect. A homeless man decided that he didn’t like us walking up and down “his” street. After punching another missionary on the back of the head, he came after me with a 2×4 plank warning me to “Get the F— away or I’ll beat you with my stick.” That time I happily obliged to take a man up on his offer.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Natalie Sebastian
    Oct 03, 2008 @ 13:27:08

    Hey Lindsey,

    Wow. What a day…Please know I am praying for many listening ears for your radio promotions…May God draw many to the concert.

    Love you,



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