A Nation Under God

Beyond the clear waters and awe-inspiring sunsets, the Bahamas is unique among nations.  It is the only country in the world whose Constitution proclaims that they are a Christian Nation.  Their preamble states (italics are my emphasis):

AND WHEREAS the People of this Family of Islands recognizing that the

preservation of their Freedom will be guaranteed by a national commitment to Self-discipline,

Industry, Loyalty, Unity and an abiding respect for Christian values and

the Rule of Law;


We the Inheritors of and Successors to this Family of Islands, recognizing the

Supremacy of God and believing in the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of the

Individual, DO HEREBY PROCLAIM IN SOLEMN PRAISE the Establishment of a

Free and Democratic Sovereign Nation founded on Spiritual Values and in which no

Man, Woman or Child shall ever be Slave or Bondsman to anyone or their Labour

exploited or their Lives frustrated by deprivation, AND DO HEREBY PROVIDE by

these Articles for the indivisible Unity and Creation under God of the Commonwealth

of The Bahamas.

The Bahamians take pride in this constitutional proclamation and Christian heritage.  Just on this 7 X 21 mile island, there are over 70 churches.  Every person approached with the Gospel message has heard the name of Jesus and most will claim that they go to church every Sunday.  Little children run around singing, not Beyonce, but Sunday School songs.

So why come to the Bahamas for ministry?

1.  To keep this nation a Christian nation, living out the Christian Spiritual values they’ve been taught.  One man I talked to today stated that, “when America sneezes, the Bahamas catches their flu.”  Every single thing that America does has a direct effect in the Bahamas.  One of those areas is the loss of Christian values.  As America is in a spiritual battle, the younger Bahamian generations are beginning to turn from God and seek after the same self-serving idols that the younger American generations want:  money, power, fame, self-indulgences. It truly is the young people that will determine the spiritual direction of this country.

2.  To step out and reach the world. Bahamians do a great job at reaching out to their own people, but few leave this tiny island.  The ones who have surrendered to the Lord, have a contagious passion that can stir people to strengthen their own relationship with God.  It’s time for them to sail beyond these crystal seas and spread their fire!

3. To challenge Bahamians into deeper relationships with God. Because of their rich Christian hertiage, many Bahamians claim Christianity because that is what they were born into, not because they have made Christ Jesus Lord of their lives.  Going to church and knowing in God does not always constitute a relationship with Him.  On a previous mission trip here, a fellow missionary was talking with a young man for a while about His relationship with God.  The young Bahamian straight out refused to take the step in accepting Jesus as his Lord.  That evening at a church service, we looked up to see that same young man singing in the choir!  He was not a Christ-follower, but a church-goer and active in a  ministry because that is just what Bahamians do.

My prayer, and many others with me, is that this nation will not lose the faith like America is losing, that the young generations will discover the deep joy and love in a personal relationship with Christ, and they will rise up and spread their passion to the world.


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