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I’m still thinking about this issue…informing you on it as well.


Abortion Survivor

I have seen Gianna Jessen on a CNN interview, but never really heard her speak.

Amanda, blogger of Following an Unknown Path, posted this 2-part speech that Gianna gave in Australia.  It’s a moving and inspiring video.  Together it’s about 15 minutes, well worth your time.  Further thoughts are posted after the videos.

I don’t usually go political on this blog, but I have to make a statement concerning abortion and this year’s Presidential elections.  Gianna mentioned that it wasn’t until 2002 that government placed a protection act on babies born alive who were meant to die through abortion.  The Born-Alive Infants Protection Act guarantees that every infant born alive enjoys full legal rights under federal law, regardless of his or her stage of development or whether the live birth occured during an abortion. As Ms. Jessen states, before this Act became effective, children who survived abortions were quickly killed through suffocation, strangulation, or simply ignored and left to die.

Do you know that Obama opposed the Born-Alive Infants protection Act?

And there’s more.  I found this statement from Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson: (emphasis mine)

But Obama’s record on abortion is extreme. He opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion — a practice a fellow Democrat, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once called “too close to infanticide.” Obama strongly criticized the Supreme Court decision upholding the partial-birth ban. In the Illinois state Senate, he opposed a bill similar to the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which prevents the killing of infants mistakenly left alive by abortion. And now Obama has oddly claimed that he would not want his daughters to be “punished with a baby” because of a crisis pregnancy — hardly a welcoming attitude toward new life.

And if you don’t know the horrific, murderous practice of Partial-birth abortions, find out by clicking HERE. One form of abortion that’s not banned, but just as horrific is Dilation & Evacuation Abortions  Click HERE to see how these children are disposed of.

That’s right.  Obama supports murder.

Hey, Hey, Hey…What’s goin’ on?

1.  Adapting to working from home has not been easy.  The complete freedom with my time originally started with lots of rest, which morphed into a lack of motivation and laziness.  Sinful, I know.  I finally got tired of feeling unproductive, so I forced myself to start some kind of schedule.  It’s not yet finalized or perfected but I’m on my way.  The office work with SOS starts at 1:00 pm each day, which leaves my mornings for volunteer work, time with friends, housechores, and, ahem, sleeping in late.  Mondays are devoted to working at the Church, Wednesdays are spent at the Friendship House ( a local ministry that offers food, clothing, furniture, and financial help to the people in our community), and Fridays will be devoted to another ministry I’ve yet to choose.  Things are starting to look up.

2.  Some new friends of mine are personal trainers and run their own fitness boot camp.  And, although I don’t understand why anyone would pay to be tortured with yells of “give me 20 more pushups”, I’ve always wanted to try it.  So, I signed myself up.  I just finished workout #3 and let me just say, I feel like I’ve been tossed around inside the barrel of a cement truck.  Woo hoo!  Of course, I need something to help soothe the burning in my body…and the ice cream works perfectly….

3.  I love sunsets.  The golden skies keep me going as I do those 20 pushups in East Texas country.

4.  One of my biggest dreams growing up was to be on broadway.  Last weekend after attending “The Color Purple” at Fair Park I saw a woman sitting at a picnic table outside by the stage entrance door.  I went over and began talking to her.  Turns out, she is one of the lead dancers and backup singers for the play.  As I sat there and talked with her, I realized that in order to fulfill her dream, she has to continually give up on other parts of her life.  She’s been touring for 16 months now with no break.  Come Christmas, she will return home to Harlem and to her husband, who she has not seen in all these months.  Looking on my life now, would I be willing to forsake family to pursue a life dream?  absolutely not.  Do I still dream?  yes…and I’m the #1 broadway star in my shower.


Bright blue skies hovered above the green fields of Clifford Park.  Scattered groups of vendors scurried to set up their products while DecembeRadio checked the stage’s sound.  My team and I strategized on the best plan for passing out 2000 school supplies and busied ourselves with setting up the safety barriers.

As I worked, I reflected on the week.  Satan had tried so hard to discourage us and distract us from what God was doing.  But despite our stolen items, assaults from homeless men, and car crashes, God, as always, proved Himself to be faithful and mighty.

This day of Evangelism explosion began with a few hitches – some last minute school cancellations, but after a few phone calls everything was set in place.  2000 people filed off the cruise ship, boarded their buses and arrived at their destination school.

Arriving at T.G. Glover Primary School, the group of 20 Americans that I lead and I heard a chorus of small voices from within the school:

I am a promise. I am a possibilty

I am a promise with a capital P

I am a great big bundle of Potentiality

And I am learnin’ to hear God’s voice

And I am tryin’ to make the right choice

I am a promise to be anything God wants to me to be.

My heart filled with joy listening to the children sing.  What an incredible message to hear…even as an adult I still need to be reminded of who I am with God in my life.  My next thought was, “Wow – this is a public school, and they’re learning the Word of God!”

Back at the festival later in the evening, I saw between 25,000 – 30,000 Bahamians come together for one purpose – to worship God.  Well, maybe some came for the free school supplies or just because it was a free concert – but no matter why they were there, they still heard the Gospel message and participated in worshiping our God.

(click on a picture to see a larger version)

Spoiler Alert

It’s safe to say that the majority of people who read this blog enjoy Christian music and speakers.  For myself, Christian music is practically the only music to circulate through my radio.  These musicians become a source of inspiration and encouragement in our daily lives, not only through their songs, but also by their lives.

I know we all remember that “celebrity” musicians and speakers are only human; no greater than ourselves.  God has given us talents and giftings equal to these celebrities; yet we consider them above us because they have devoted their lives in allowing God to use their talents and giftings to a greater degree, reaching millions of people that we could never reach.  We often believe that their lives are righteous, because they sing of complete devotion and sacrifice. To see them devote time to a huge missions explosion, such as Bahamafest, we assume they minister with pure motivations.

Working behind the scenes of Bahamafest and Cruise with a Cause, I have seen a different side to many of these celebrities.  In the last 2 years of my involvement, I know stories that would make you cringe and your heart sink with disappointment.  People who preach servanthood and humility on stage demand superstardom treatment on the sidelines:  transportation only in luxury cars, specific foods and drinks that have to be imported in or monitored to the exact degree, room accommodations that cost more than many people’s one month salary, and outrageous stipends are common mandates – even on “mission” trips.

What happened to the servanthood attitude?  Where did humility go? and love?

If it was my choice, I would to tell them to kiss my fat butt and fly themselves back to their mansions and yachts…we don’t need their music or their sermons to reach the people of this nation.  Let’s find the ones who truly love God and his people, and are willing to give up their name brand waters in order to reach others with the Gospel message.  It’s time to stop playing Christian and start being real, completely devoted to God and his people.

Now, before I start getting all kinds of emails or comments, let me end by saying that not all of the artists and speakers are as I described above.  Many of them participate with truly pure hearts and love.  They are not seeking stature or fame…they only want God to be glorified.  A good example is Sonicflood. Last year, there were some setbacks that resulted in decreased school performance time.  Many artists were furious that weren’t given enough time to play all their music set or to promote their music.  Sonicflood, however, said no problem and just hung out with the kids, joyfully and full of love. We need more artists like them.

My weekend

First of all, a correction…Just on this tiny island, there are over 4,000 churches!  You would believe it too if you were here;  There are churches on every block. 

The last few days have had their ups & downs. 

Saturday started with very early morning prayer at the site of the Bahamafest.  As I walked the track and prayed, the Lord reminded me of Joshua and Jericho.  When the walls fell, the enemies of the Lord were destroyed and the city rebuilt.  So many of us, definitely myself included, have spiritual walls that we’be built up – walls that hinder us from drawing closer to the Lord and hearing His voice.  It’s time that we break down those walls so that healing can begin, so that renewal can come in our lives. 

The rest of Saturday we took off to do some shopping and sightseeing.  Dow and Cindee had returned to the house earlier than the rest of us.  When we came into the door about an hour later, they were sitting on the couch with a local Bahamian.  There was bad news…

In the 4 hours we were gone, someone had broken into the house and robbed us.  Out of 4 laptops sitting in the living room, they only took 2.  Mine being one of them.  Everything else they took belonged only to Dow & Cindee:  their laptop, cell phones, camera, and $200 or so.  Compared to what they lost, my laptop was nothing. I really didn’t have anything in there that I needed; mainly Im upset that I’ve lost thousands of photos from places like China, Bahamas, Ukraine…things I can’t replace.  Luckily, I have some of those photos online, but not all of them.  But Dow and Cindee lost all their business documents as well as over 400 business contacts stored only in their phone.  However upsetting as it all is, we’re remembering that these things are just things. 

I’ve been praying for the person who stole these things.  It’s obvious that this person is desperate for cash, maybe to support a drug habit or maybe to support his family.  I don’t know the situation, but God does. 

On Sunday we attended an event that would never happen in the States.  The Prime Minister and many high Government officials attended a government event held  at a local church.  Separation of church and state does not exist here.   To kick off a Public Service Worker’s Appreciation Week, the church hosted the government event in which politics was mixed with Christian sermons.  It was cool to hear one of the Government officials pray for God to guide the leaders of this country and help them lead the people of this nation into God’s kingdom.

The land of the free is truly the Bahamas.

Radio and Roads

The day started early, up and out by 7:45 (ok, early for me). Our first stop, a local easy-listening radio station where we were being interviewed about the Bahamafest. Nothing really exciting except that it was pretty cool to be interviewed on radio for 30 minutes. I get to do it again tomorrow and next week.

Later in the day we hit the streets to hand out thousands of flyers promoting the free concert. I have never been hit on by so many men in my life as I was today. I seriously lost count of the number of times I had the following conversation: (when reading trying to use a thick Caribbean accent)

Me: Free concert next Wednesday at Cliford Park.

The sweaty dirty men loaded on the back of a flatbed on the way home from work: Thanks, baby, Will you be there?

Me: of course.

The men two times my age: Then S*#! yeah, we’ll be there.

Me: okay.

The teenage boy walking home from school: I’ll be looking just for you.

Me (with a polite smile): okay.

The truck driver holding up traffic just to talk to me: For real, you will be there?

Me: I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

The tiny car with guys stoned sensless, weed smoke billowing from the windows, and cup holders occupied with beer: Aw, baby, come on and get in the car. You don’t have to wait til Wednesday for free fun.

Me (with nervous laughter as I quickly walk away): oh boys, I’m married, but still come to the concert!

All the men above and then some (whistling and honking their horns): aw, baby, come back.

There was one man who I had quite the opposite effect. A homeless man decided that he didn’t like us walking up and down “his” street. After punching another missionary on the back of the head, he came after me with a 2×4 plank warning me to “Get the F— away or I’ll beat you with my stick.” That time I happily obliged to take a man up on his offer.

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