working from home

On Monday, i began my work-from-home job, which I label as “administration & communications” for my Missions organization, Sons of Salvation.  I consider myself still as a full-time missionary, but now, instead of working on the field in a foreign country, I minister behind the scenes doing office stuff, like answering phones (although, besides my director, i’ve only received three phone calls all week – and none wanted to talk to me).  The best tasks so far have been all the travel research – booking flights and planning excursions.  I love, love, love to travel and experience the world, so even if I can’t go to places like Namibia, Africa or Washington D.C. at least I can dream about it while i plan the trips for others.   Hmm…since traveling to lead groups is part of my job responsibilities, maybe I can convince my director that he needs me on these trips.

I’ve been excited about this job.  But it definitely has its ups and downs.

Up:  There is nothing like rolling out of bed at 8:30 and still being on time for a job that starts at 9:00.  Plus, i can work in lounge pants and tank tops while walking around barefoot.

Down:  Lounging around in such comfortable clothing also makes me a little lazy.

Up:  I can get tons of work done – cleaning, laundry, bills, etc.

Down:  I have so much down time procastination becomes all too easy.

Up:  My hours are flexible.  If I need to run errands, I just shoot headquarters an email and then go.  I take lunch when I want, and for however long I want.  If I accidentally oversleep, no problem.

Down:  When I don’t have a set schedule, it’s easy for me to lose focus.

I’ve read many articles that say to treat work-from-home jobs like any normal job:  wake up early and do all your morning routines as if you worked out of the home, set up an office, and give yourself a schedule.  I think I’ll try this…next week 😉


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  1. jaybrams
    Sep 11, 2008 @ 17:11:04

    you could be the SOS Gnome. or the guys that go and make sure everything is perfect.

    but in either case i think you should have to dress like a gnome no matter what.


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