the state of Ukraine’s medical field

Many people in the states have asked me about medical care in Ukraine. Not having experienced it first hand, I’ve only been able to say what others have experienced. But, based on what they’ve said, I really don’t want to have to go to the doctor here. To read a first hand experience (and see a couple of pictures) click Here.

In a blog she posted yesterday, Sarah (the same blog author as above) describes good care given at a private clinic. I’ve also talked with a missionary friend here in Mukachevo who says that adequate medical care can be found, you just have to ask around and get recommendations from those you trust.

On Sarah’s post she links a recent news article from the Kiev Post that talks about the state of Ukraine’s doctors. I think you will be shocked and amazed at how different Ukraine’s medical field is compared to America’s – especially their monthly wages. To read the article click HERE.

As i have been sick this week, please pray that God and Dayquil will heal me before I have to resort to a doctor!


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  1. alex
    Oct 25, 2009 @ 21:03:37

    I am Ukrainian but live in UK once in a year travel to Ukraine Drogobych-place where i live and visit my family i was there 2 of October and things happen that i had to see a doctor
    Oh my God !!!hospital !! if i actually can call that place so there is scary horrific I was shocked !How dirty place are But an the end when doctor turn up i suddenly realized that he was drunk!!I honestly cant find words to describe medical care in Ukraine But who will care? Government is so busy with them self and they steal enough money to go abroad for medical care Unfortunately we are dying as nationality
    go to other country


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