Kiev Day 3

This was was one absolutely beautiful day.  However, with more rain in the forecast for the remainder of our stay, I dragged Josh all over the city, hoping to see as much as we could.  Can you guess who the tourist is?

the Golden Gate with parts dating back to 1037!

Josh joins a group of students as they peer into the original gate. – isn’t he cute?

The campanile leading to the most famous Cathedral in Kiev…

St. Sophia’s Cathedral – the oldest surviving monument to Kyiven Rus

Monument to Kyiven hero – Bohdan Khmel’nyst’ky

From the hero monument above we saw this beautiful towering cathedral. when the sun peeked through the clouds, the golden domes illuminated in awe-inspiring shimmer.  We slowly made our way through the gate, still in awe of this towering church and walked around it’s detailed arches…but something was strangely familiar…then we figured it out…we had been here yesterday, we had just entered from the opposite direction!

St. Andrew’s Church

The Bridge of Kisses – I never got the story on this bridge, but it appeared that this is where love-stricken couples come to profess their undying love by securing locks or fabric to the posts.  Interestingly, this is exactly what couples do at the Great Wall of China!

After passing through this bridge, we were headed to a very important building – the one place that I was most excited about, the Mariyins’ky (Tsar) Palace.  I’m completely enamored and drawn to the last Russian Tsar family, The Romanov’s of the early 1900’s.  (I’m sure you may be familiar with the stories Rasputin and Anastasia?)  Well, this palace served as a home away from home for them, and after the 1917 Revolution Alexander III’s widow (Empress Maria Fedorovna) lived here.  it’s gorgeous palace.  We approached it, and here is what I saw…

Construction barriers!!!  AAARRGGHh!!

It usually looks like this…


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