Taking a toll

Today begins our 10th day in Ukraine…and I have to admit I’m tired, achy, and a bit moody. The excitement of living in a new place, the place God has called us to be, is still with me, but it’s taking a toll on this body. For one, 9 of these past 10 days have been rainy. It’s not fun to walk in rain on muddy, dirty streets while trying to keep from falling on the uneven pavement as you balance umbrella and other bags in hand. I like the occasional rainy day…when i can sleep in, curl up to a movie, and stay indoors. However, 9 days of it (although sporadic throughout the day) can lower one’s mood.

I really don’t mind walking everywhere. In fact, I enjoy it tremendously. But, the fact is, that in Texas where i lived, never did I walk this much. My body just isn’t used to it; now it is screaming at me (particularly my feet), “STOP THE INSANITY! GIVE ME A REST! And a little massage would be nice, too, please.”

The moodiness just comes from a combination of all things – aches, weather, business – it’ll pass…i’m just tired and readjusting to my new environment.

One of things that does put a smile on my face and a twitter in my heart is all the blooming trees. They are gorgeous pinks and whites. I was told that the bloom season came early this year, and I like to think they came just for me! (I will try to post some pictures of them later).


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