Another Blessing

One of the ministries that we are highly considering to begin in Ukraine is an ESL (English as a Second Language) school.  An ESL school can be beneficial in several ways:

1.  It allows daily interaction with community members.  Yes, even as missionaries it can be hard to randomly meet people and begin a relationship/friendship with them.  ESL schools bring citizens to us.  They are usually hard-working, highly-motivated individuals who seek out relationships with their English teachers because they want to learn as much as possible.  Having an ESL school would open up more opportunities for us to get to know others.

2.  It can open up conversations about God and Christ in our lives.  As the students continue to learn, they become more and more curious about who we are, why we are in their country, and why we do the things we do (ex. history behind our weddings).  The topics that are covered allow for discussion of our beliefs and can easily transition into ministry.

3 .  It brings in extra revenue for our other ministries and outreach.  Every little bit of income is always beneficial.

(There are many more, but brain’s not at 100% at the moment).

To become certified to teach ESL, it takes time and money (usually quite a bit).  We had not even thought about getting our certification yet.  However, we were approached last week with an offer we could not refuse – to attend an intensive one-week ESL certification course…all for free!!  As we no longer work and have no growing income for our time in the states, there would’ve been no way for us to attend the training.  But, God, in all His faithfulness and provision, blessed us with this gift. 

So, all of this week, from 8am – 3pm, we are sitting in a small classroom at Shady Grove Church working toward our ESL Certification.  One enormous step towards an ESL school!

And another reminder that God is truly amazing in our lives.


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  1. acupofjoy
    Mar 28, 2008 @ 20:50:34


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