Updates from Ukraine

Hey guys, this is Jeremy: Lindsey’s brother and Josh’s favorite brother in law. We’ve received two emails from Josh and Lindsey during their current trip to Ukraine. I’m re-posting these for them as they do not have long when they do have the chance to jump on the Internet.

God Bless

From their arrival in Turkey on 02/23 – 4:30 PM Ukraine time: We have made it to Budapest! Our flights were changed yesterday when we checked in at DFW, so we’ve arrived 3 hours earlier than originally scheduled – but it was perfect because instead of 2 layovers, we only had one brief one in London.

That layover really wasn’t pleasant, though, because the lines were ridiculously long and slow. We only had 2 hours between flights and by the time we got through all the lines, we only had 30 minutes until our flight left. When we were looking at the screen to find the departure gate, it said “please wait” – meaning that the gate had not yet been determined. We waited and waited for it to tell us which gate to go to. finally around 9:15, we were in panic mode. josh went to go find out more info, and come to find out, the screen we were looking at had a glitch. So, with 15 minutes till take off, and a 15 minute walk to our gate, we took off running down long hallways and towering staircases. We reached the boarding gate right at 9:30, scared they had already closed the door. We ran up to the ticket counter, only to hear him say, “please have a seat, we will begin boarding shortly.” That’s Europe for you! – laid back and never sticking to schedules!We didn’t get much sleep. Our bodies were not tired…luckily AA has these awesome TV screens on the seat in front of you – all with custom options per passenger: a good movie selection, TV shows, music, and even video games. So, we spent our 8 hour flight watching 2 movies and playing video games.

Tomorrow we will leave in the morning for Ukraine – and 6 hour ride, followed by at least another hour taxi ride. Please be praying about our crossing the Ukrainian border. the Border gaurds are notorious for bribery and making it difficult to pass through without some kind of payment. Also, with all of our luggage, we need protection while on the train – just that we aren’t targeted. We reallly are the prime targets for theft and pickpocketing because we have lots of stuff with us and we’re American, so it automatically makes us richer.

Love you all. We’ll contact you again if we can.

~Josh and Lindsey


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