Update from Ukraine #2

In addition to the email below, I also spoke briefly with Lindsey on-line; she said customs and the train ride into Ukraine were a breeze. Everyone else joining them on the trip also arrived safely. This was a concern of theirs (see previous email posted below), so I wanted to make sure all of their faithful readers knew they didn’t have any problems.

Email Received 02/25 – 5:30 PM Ukraine Time:Hello everyone!
I don’t have long, as there are 4 other people needing to use the internet; but a few updates for you.
God has been so faithful, constantly pouring His favor upon us.
One of the biggest goals of this trip was to secure our housing.  After much discussion, we decided that getting our own apartment (as opposed to living with a Ukrainian family) would be a better choice.  A missionary friend helped us look through the newspaper and we found about 10 apartments for rent.  Out of all 10, only one was available.   We will give more specific details later, but to get to the point – the apartment was PERFECT!  It had 3 very large rooms, some furniture included, a new water heater and heating (which in Ukraine is rare – most people only get freezing cold water and have to boil it), DSL internet already connected (another rarity), and the price was in our budget.  We will signing a lease agreement on Wednesday!  This apartment’s floor plan and size accomodates for both our home and missionary base/office.
All we have left is to secure our tutor.  Tomorrow we will be meeting with two.
That’s all our time we have.   We love you all!
~Josh and lIndsey


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