Last minute trip

The directors of our mission organization asked Josh and I to join them this week in Mexico for some ministry.  Unfortunately Josh has to work and can’t get away.  However, my ministry job at the Friendship House has been 100% supportive of our mission work and has allowed me a few days off to go.

This is a very last minute trip (finalized today, Sunday).  I will be leaving tomorrow Jan. 7 at 3:30 and will return late Thursday night.

One of our SOS missionary’s ministry is to build homes in poverty-ridden areas for families who have practically nothing, especially a stable shelter to call home.  So, starting Tuesday, I’ll be donning on my work gloves, wielding a hammer, and constructing a house!  All the while, showing and sharing the Love of Christ.

I will try to post updates while I’m there.  If not, I will definitely post once I come back.

Please pray for:

  • safe travels (in the states, through the Mexico border, and in Reynosa)
  • safety at the job site
  • a chance to share Christ!

Thank you for all your prayers and support.


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