2007 Reflections

M.C. Escher's Before I move on to this coming year, I like to look back on the past year and reflect (scrutinize). What did I accomplish (rather, what did I allow God to accomplish in & through me)? Where did I fail? What could I improve on? Although my actual analysis what a bit more in depth, here’s a snapshot.

First the positives:

*Paid off all credit card debt – What a burden lifted off – you should really try it…

*Sold our car, got out of our apartment, and almost freed ourselves of all binding contracts that would delay our move to Ukraine.

*Reconnected with an old friend, which has turned into a beautiful new friendship. Made new friendships that I believe will be long-lasting. Mainly my small group; who I enjoy seeing each week to study the Word and encourage each other. Thanks for praying for us.

*Experienced God working in the lives of people in 3 nations – Bahamas, Mexico, and here at home.

*Found truth in God’s Word about who I am, and discovering His true joy and freedom when I fully let go and trust in Him.

*Saw God’s continual faithfulness.

      Where I need to improve:

      Really, in the area of things to be improved upon, one word can sum it all up: DISCIPLINE.

      • In exercising, diet, and health
      • Bible study and prayer
      • Work
      • relationship building

      I’ve got more to say on the discipline issue – I’ll save it for another blog coming to you soon!

      Until then, what are some areas in your life (positive or negative) that you think of when reflecting on this past year?


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      1. Roland Thomas Gilbert
        Jan 02, 2008 @ 13:16:35

        Admittedly, I didn’t do a lot of reflecting this year about the past (too much I’d rather forget, I guess) … but was inspired by some recently read books about the future. Just blogged about it [shameless plug]. Happy New Year!


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