1/2 Day One

The plane skidded to a stop at the Beijing airport around 6:00 pm Saturday night (5:00 am for us). After a “real Chinese dinner”, Josh and his companions headed straight for the hotel, settled in, and tried desperately to sleep through the cool night. But no matter how tired their minds and bodies felt, they could not sleep well because according to their natural clocks, it was midmorning.

Josh said the plane ride was long, but not too uncomfortable. However he never slept for the entire 15 hour plane trip. As they flew over Siberia, he watched “Hairspray”. 🙂

Currently, it is around 6:30 a.m., Sunday morning. (5:30 pm Saturday for us). This day’s agenda: Attend a Chinese church and then spend the afternoon at The Great Wall. *Sigh* Yes, I wish I was there….one day…


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