Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day, where all bloggers are called to blog about one topic…this year it’s about the environment. So, here’s my thoughts.

As Christians, I believe part of our responsibility is to take care of God’s creation. He created the earth as a perfect place to sustain life and also for our enjoyment, and we should treat it as a precious gift to us from Him. Sadly, I think many people, including many Christians, do not.

I like how there is a new resurgence of environmental awareness that is bringing in average, everyday people into an understanding of what it means to protect and nurture our environment. Practical advice and easy tips allow everyone, from busy moms to young children to working businesspeople to the elderly, to participate in keeping our earth clean. Usually the advice is so easy and quick that once you begin and make it a habit, it becomes second nature. With all the quick little things we can do, there really is no reason not to implement them into our lives.

However, as important it is to care for God’s creation, I do think it can be a distraction to other more important issues. It drives me crazy (and saddens & angers me) that we live in a time when it’s “Save the whales” but “A woman has a right to abort an unwanted baby”. Where people give thousands of dollars to preserve water, but won’t help distribute clean water and food to people dying of starvation and disease.  So many people spend countless hours trying to “rid” the environment of toxins (which is not necessarily a dishonorable thing), but what about spending countless hours reaching out to those who are hurting?

There has to be a point where one stands up and makes it a priority to nurture human life.


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