Psalm 139:2b

While at a ladies’ retreat this weekend i was reading Psalm 139, but I didn’t get past verse 2. Something had caught my attention, and i could not read past the second part of the verse. It says:

You understand my thought afar off. (NKJV)

The new Living Translation states it this way, You know my thoughts even when I’m far away.

I saw the verse from a different perspective. Instead of me being far from God, I saw just my thoughts far from God. I’m at a good place in my relationship from the Lord right now. I do not believe that I am far from God…but, sometimes my thoughts are: I believe lies that Satan has told me, I criticize too pettily, I say hurtful words in anger, etc. Momentary lapses in my thoughts.

In meditating on this verse, I wrote out a type of poem (nor is it written in typical poetry format)’s not really edited or perfected; nor is it meant to be…it is merely what I felt God was speaking to me as I listened. Here it is:

Sometimes I don’t think clearly and I believe the lies Satan puts into my mind. Even the thoughts that are afar from God, reach Him, and he takes them in His hands. Weeping, he speaks through mumbled sobs, and tells me that he understands. He is gentle with me and keeps his voice soft. He is not angry, He is compassionate. He is not judgemental, He is empathetic. He is not stern, He is love. He tells me that I am not alone; that He understands my pain. He is patient; He waits for me to hear His words of truth. He takes my thoughts, gently cupped in His fatherly hands and whispers truths and promises over them. The lies evaporate with each word spoken from the lips of my Heavenly Father. My thoughts are no longer afar off from God, for He has drawn me back to Him.


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