God’s Christian Warriors

Ok, so last night was the third installment of CNN’s series. The first hour and a half was mainly talking about Christianity & politics: war, social issues, enviro issues, etc. and the question whether Christians should focus on politics or not…

The last 30 minutes intrigued me more. Ms. Amanpour spent a weekend with Ron Luce and Teen Mania’s “Battlecry” convention. Instead of describing it to you, go read and watch it for yourself.



Last night’s show included many more awesome footage and interviews, but these did a very good (I thought) job of unbiased reporting. In fact, last night’s show even had the saving message of Jesus Christ and how He has changed people’s lives and that He is working. Knowing that CNN is usually a liberal station, I don’t know if they really understood how powerful their series ending was. I pray that God used it to reach someone who was watching.


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