Headed to Mission

Tomorrow we leave for Mission, Texas to meet up with Dow and Cindee Warner, our SOS directors. We’re excited to get to see them; Josh hasn’t seen them since they “parented” us while in the Czech Republic in 2001. Mostly, we’ll be planning and working on our move to Ukraine. After this weekend, we should have everything we need to send out our first newsletter/portfolio and will begin the fundraising journey.

If you’d like to receive our newsletter, we’d love to send it to you! If you’ve not signed up with us yet, go to the “Contact Us” page and drop us and email with your info.

PLease pray for our safe travels this Labor Day weekend. We leave Friday morning around 5 a.m. and will be on the road for approx. 10 hours! Yikes!


God’s Christian Warriors

Ok, so last night was the third installment of CNN’s series. The first hour and a half was mainly talking about Christianity & politics: war, social issues, enviro issues, etc. and the question whether Christians should focus on politics or not…

The last 30 minutes intrigued me more. Ms. Amanpour spent a weekend with Ron Luce and Teen Mania’s “Battlecry” convention. Instead of describing it to you, go read and watch it for yourself.



Last night’s show included many more awesome footage and interviews, but these did a very good (I thought) job of unbiased reporting. In fact, last night’s show even had the saving message of Jesus Christ and how He has changed people’s lives and that He is working. Knowing that CNN is usually a liberal station, I don’t know if they really understood how powerful their series ending was. I pray that God used it to reach someone who was watching.

God’s Muslim Warriors

CNN is running a series this week called “God’s Warriors”. Each night is focused on a different religion: Tuesday was “God’s Jewish Warriors”, tonight is “God’s Christian Warriors” and last night was “God’s Muslim Warriors.” Although I have many thoughts on the title of last night’s show, I won’t get into it right now.

What I do want to talk about comes from the lips of two of the young Muslim ladies, that they interviewed. Their words struck a chord in my spirit and I have been thinking of them since.

1. One discusses wearing the hijab, the head covering that many Muslim women choose (or may notchoose) to wear. She says, “I want to shift the attention from my outer self to my inner self when I deal with someone,” She goes on to say that Allah requires women to be modest, and she was tired of being looked upon as a piece of meat. For her, wearing the hijab is a way to cover herself in modesty and show people that she does not care to be looked upon for her beauty. I could say the same thing, except change the focus…”I want to shift the attention from my outer self to CHRIST WHO IS IN ME when I deal with someone.” It’s not about beauty or gaining attention of those who look at me, it’s about showing Christ. If that means that I wear something that causes a man to look upon me with lust, then I should not wear it. If that means that I refrain from going certain places where God is not glorified, then I should not go there. If that means, keeping my mouth closed instead of speaking, then I will stay silent. Everything we do should be done with one question in mind, “Will this bring attention to Christ or to myself?” If the answer is Christ, then proceed joyfully. However, if it brings glory to yourself…flee from it.

2. Another young lady said (and I paraphrase) that many people observe their faith only on Sundays, while living freely throughout the rest of the week. But for her, she worships daily and she finds joy in waking up each morning because she gets to worship her god. (end of paraphrase). My heart broke for this young lady because she has put 100% faith and devotion into a false god. I pray that she sees the truth found in Jesus Christ. But then I was saddened even more by the realization that what she said about others was true. Many Christians do not even practice the simple disciplines of reading/studying the Word of God, praying, fasting, and memorizing the scriptures. Their days are filled with soccer games, television, shopping, and internet surfing. They complain that they don’t have time to sit down and study the Words of our God and Savior…yet, they have time to attend a two – three hour movie filled with things displeasing to God.

I don’t want to rant and rave…but it’s time for Christians to dust off their Bible and find joy in worshiping the one, true living God every day of the week, not just on Sundays.

Uzhhorod and Mukachevo

Uzhhorod & Mukachevo are the two cities that we are considering moving to. Uzhhorod is the larger city with a population of about 125,000. Mukachevo is slightly smaller. They both are located in the westernmost part of the country, near the borders of Slovakia and Hungary. That area of Ukraine is called the Carpathian Region because it is home to the gorgeous Carpathian mountains. Instead of boring you by trying to describe the region…I found some pictures that express its beauty and culture much better than I could. These pictures are from the personal files of people who have been there, so their family pictures are there also…but you’ll definitely get an idea of the culture and land.

To see them, click the following link. There are several different albums you can click on.

Pictures from Uzhhorod and Mukachevo


You may be wondering which organization we are working with.  It is called Sons of Salvation (S.O.S.).  We will soon have a page dedicated to S.O.S., but for now, you can link to their website by clicking the following link:  www.sonsofsalvation.com. (Their website is currently undergoing maintenance as well.  Thanks for your patience).